OPINION PIECE – Last-Minute 2016 National & Utah County Information & Recommendations for the Conscience-Driven Voter

Having studied the candidates and the issues of the 2016 National and State of Utah Election, I have summarized the positions and priorities of the candidates, and have summarized the issues and the proposed Utah Constitutional Amendments. I have also provided opinion on the candidates and issues, sparing no one.


Senator Orrin Hatch, like many others of the Republican political elite, claims to be a conservative. However, a true Conservative works to conserve the Constitution at the Center of American government. An oath is required of all elected officials pledging to support and defend the Constitution. What would happen if suddenly, all those who do not honor their pledge vanished, leaving only true Conservatives to run the government?

Open letter to two failed organizations that refused to listen to their membership

What happens to an organization when the organization completely ignores the will of its members?

Goodbye to Political Correctness, Hello to Real Learning

The new principal, Dennis Prager, seated on the stage alongside Sarah Palin and Tom Brokaw, stood up and walked to the podium. He paused for a moment, then turned to face the all-student assembly. He introduced himself to the students, and then began to speak to the students, in no-nonsense terms, of the changes to be made during his tenure: changes necessary to refocus the school on teaching and learning; all done in English. The school would no longer cater to Identity Politics or any form of Political Correctness. Instead, the school would cater to each student as a separate, individual American.

Profiles – Utah County Judges For Retention – 2014 Cycle

  http://www.judges.utah.gov/utah.html   Profiles-Utah County Judges Seeking Retention 2014 Election Cycle View a summary of all judges on the ballot in Utah County. For a full report on each judge ,click on the judge's name below. (Fourth Judicial District : Juab, Millard, Utah and Wasatch […]

Ebola-Treating RN Forcibly Quarantined in Prison-Like Conditions

RN on a mercy mission to West Africa, treated desperately ill Ebola patients. Others who had close contact with Ebola were sent home to self-monitor. Unlike these others, this nurse was rewarded for her service by being forcibly isolated and quarantined in bleak, prison-like conditions.

Obama’s Ebola Disinformation Campaign: Blatant Lies

CDC's Tom Frieden blames Dallas nurse for contracting Ebola because she made a "breach of protocol". In fact, the protocol prescribed by the Obama administration's Ebola Disinformation Campaign is flawed because it's based on politicized half-truths that amount to nothing less than blatant lies.

Please Don’t Vote!

If you can't make a minimal effort to get a voter ID, you are unlikely to study the issues and candidates before you vote. If you can't do both these things, PLEASE DON'T VOTE. My advice is, for everyone to get their voter ID and become educated about what we're voting for, prior to voting, and then "GET OUT THE EDUCATED CITIZEN VOTE".

Evil ISIS Islamist Terrorists Gain Ground in Iraq and Syria – From Freedom Fighters to Genocidal Maniacs

Like medieval Mongol hordes, sweeping down from Asia to the Mediterranean lands, slaughtering, beheading, and enslaving innocent civilians, today the ISIS Islamist terrorists celebrate such barbarism more than a thousand years later.

Our Children Are Guinea Pigs for a Radical Education Experiment-Common Core

Governor Herbert has been ill-advised by the State School Board, and both have seriously bought in to the federal government lie that Common Core is a good thing that will help Utah’s children be better prepared for employment in the coming world. Being an excellent […]

Corn Ethanol in Gasoline Gets a Failing Grade

I was glad to see the EPA propose to reduce the amount of ethanol required to be blended into our fuel. Now, I urge the EPA, and Congress, take this proposal to its logical conclusion:  eliminate ethanol mandates altogether. First, the federal government does not […]

Hispanic George Zimmerman Murders Black Child Trayvon Martin – 1

George Zimmerman was in the fight of his life because of a fight that occurred over a year ago and ended in murder. Zimmerman is charged with the racism-based shooting death of a black child, Trayvon Martin, on a dark rainy night in Sanford, Florida, on February 26, 2012. Media and politicians misinformed and inflamed passions, but the facts don't lie.

The Casey Anthony Verdict: Justice for Whom?

The problem for the prosecution in this case is that while they provided a lot of circumstantial evidence to support elements of their case, even if we accepted their evidence without question, there remained significant and reasonable doubt that Caylee’s death may have been accidental. […]

Should God be Erased From the Public Square?

The latest effort to erase God from the Pledge of Allegiance was recently aired on the NBC network. The Founding Fathers believed that the people would only be able to retain their liberty and successfully self-govern under our unique Constitution if they remained a just, […]

Can the Twin Plagues of Inflation and Joblessness be Abated?

Recent unemployment figures show that we remain deep in recession despite the fake stock market gains due to the Federal Reserve propping it up. Money is being lent to Wall Street for non-productive activities to invest in bets on market trends and to speculate on […]

Can Japan Weather the Storm of Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster?

Why the Japanese Government Can Afford to Rebuild: It Owns the Largest Depository Bank in the World, by Ellen Brown. The excellent article, discussed in this piece, about Japan’s ability to recover from the triple disasters is has recently suffered by utilizing the considerable resources […]

Napolitano Takes Credit for Alleged Improvements in Border Security

When a radical Muslim jihadist, trying to blow up a plane over U.S. territory on a recent Christmas Day, failed to properly detonate his bomb, Janet Napolitano told us that government efforts to provide homeland security had been successful at preventing this terrorist attack. In […]

Mandated Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulbs Are Environmentally Unsafe & Unsound

I’m passing along this email warning about CFL light bulbs that can start burning and spread the fire to your home. It should be noted that the ballast in these bulbs (what triggers the light bulb when you flip the switch) contains mercury, a toxic […]

Is the Tea Party Ducking Social Conservative Issues?

There is broad agreement among Tea Partiers on issues of the economy, jobs, fiscal responsibility, Obamacare and adherence to the Constitution, especially in regard to cutting government spending. However, rifts in this coalition become apparent when the major cause of current government overspending and future […]

Egyptians Protest Against Mubarek and For Freedom

There’s little question that the Egyptian people are protesting in resistance to tyranny, or that Mubarek has abused human rights and exercised totalitarian oppression of the people in the process of maintaining his 30 year rule. The Mubarek regime justifies its oppression as the only […]

The Power to Make & Control Money Derives From Natural Law

In the charter documents of the United States, the Founding Fathers highlighted Natural Law from which mankind’s unalienable rights are derived, including the right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. These natural and unalienable rights, especially with regard to property and the […]

Why Michael Steele should be re-elected Chair of the RNC

The truth is that elections in 2009-2010 represent one of the greatest routes of the Democrat Party in history with huge Republican gains across the country. While Michael Steele presided over the RNC during this incredible period of Republican success and he should be commended […]

The Great Recession: what is the root cause and is there a way out?

(Updated 12/05/2010) Subprime Mortgage: a mortgage given to an individual who is likely to default on payments and the mortgage as a whole. The narrative promoted by Obama and the Democrats and passed along to the public by the lame-stream media, is that eight years […]

Earmarks are a perversion of the normal congressional funding process

Funding of government activities begins with the passage of an appropriations bill specifying the gross sums of money that will be spent during the fiscal year. The executive branch proposes to Congress exactly how the allocated money will be spent. Congress, representing the interests of […]

Kiss Your Social Security Goodbye

Unfortunately, you can kiss your Social Security goodbye from the day it started, and the victims of this scandal are the American people. When FDR hatched the scheme of having workers contribute a portion of their income to the Social Security Trust, it was with […]