August, 2014

Evil ISIS Islamist Terrorists Gain Ground in Iraq and Syria – From Freedom Fighters to Genocidal Maniacs

There are many causes that led to the current, evil and bloodthirsty, political Islamist terrorist movement called ISIS. Foremost is the wickedness of these people who are drawn to ISIS to commit murder and atrocities to gain power, control and riches, working in league with and according to the compact with Satan to spread death and desolation across the face of the earth for gain.

Another cause of this ISIS plague includes that the U.S. and others gave significant military and financial aid to the Muslim Brotherhood when they ruled Egypt. Much of this aid has ended up in the hands of Islamist terrorist rebels in Syria. In addition, the U.S. has been supplying the Freedom Fighters in Syria, the “Syrian Rebels”, with military hardware and financial aid for over a year to help in their struggle to overthrow a brutal dictator. These “Syrian Rebels” first merged with al Qaeda until the most vicious of these left al Qaeda to become the “ISIS Islamist terrorists” that used this aid to take over and lay waste to a significant portion of Syria and Iraq, and smaller portions of other Middle East countries.

The stated goal of ISIS is to subdue by the sword and effect ethnic and religious “cleansing” of the entire Middle East and North Africa, and then to establish a “Caliphate” (ISIS Islamist terrorist government) to rule over this entire region. Their next step is to do the same to the West and all other nations, creating a “Global Caliphate” to murder, enslave, abuse and exploit all mankind, reigning with blood and horror over all the face of the earth.

President Obama also withdrew U.S. troops from Iraq without an agreement to maintain a force that would confirm U.S. and others’ intent to stand with those Iraqis who love freedom as they seek to strengthen their democratic processes and institutions, to include real power and resource sharing with the different Iraqi factions, and to support the Iraqis in curbing government corruption. The U.S. should also recommit to backing up Iraqi defense forces as needed (i.e. air and intelligence support, military aid to the Kurds, etc.). At this point it does not appear that U.S. ground forces are needed, however this option should not be taken off the table. Iraq perhaps never needed U.S. military support more, as it faces the vicious ISIS war machine, rapidly undoing earlier gains made at great sacrifice of American blood and treasure.

The ruthless, evil ISIS killing machine now includes U.S. military hardware, unlimited finances from robbing banks, the sale of Iraqi oil, the takeover of the Mosul dam with the sale of its water and electricity, the slaughter of tens of thousands of civilians with the subsequent confiscation of their “non-ISIS Islamist terrorist” property, and the enslavement and abuse of many of these women and children. Afghanistan, other countries in this region, and eventually the West, are at risk of suffering similar death and desolation at the hands of ISIS and the like, if Obama persists in his policies of degrading U.S. military capabilities, withdrawing American influence in foreign affairs, and jeopardizing U.S. and worldwide security by faithlessly abandoning our Middle East allies to the Islamist terrorists.