October 5, 2014

Please Don’t Vote!

We hear a lot about how important it is to vote, and all are vigorously encouraged to vote. The various political parties put together massive “Get Out The Vote” campaigns every election. Some argue that it’s so important that everyone votes, that even asking people to do the minimal effort it takes to obtain an official ID is an unreasonable requirement that could restrict people from voting. I’m against voting just to have voted. Anyone that fails to establish identity as a citizen of the United States has no right to vote, and if you really don’t know what you’re voting for—Please Don’t Vote.

Any that are disabled or homebound and can’t get to the DMV for an ID, should receive whatever assistance necessary, or be able to get the ID another way. But those of us who are unwilling to exert even the smallest amount of effort needed to obtain an ID, will not spend the time to become acquainted with the issues or the candidates. Voting just to vote serves no good purpose, and is harmful to our “government of the people”.

Not by any law, but to fulfill our personal responsibility as voters in the United States, each citizen should prepare well before voting. Personal integrity requires that we study and understand the pros and cons of the issues and the candidates’ positions. Only then should we make an “educated” vote. If we don’t get around to learning about what we’re voting for, my advice is Please Don’t Vote at all. If we all did our duty to be educated voters, we’d have a better government and a better country.


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