March, 2016

Open letter to two failed organizations that refused to listen to their membership

fyr_logoI received the invitation to join your organization and I wanted to let you know why I bailed out of the AARP in the mid-1990s. AARP had humble beginnings, and was designed to be an organization that would help seniors as they faced many changes in their lives. I was impressed with AARP in those early days and I joined the organization when I turned 50 years old.

As the AARP grew exponentially, it developed into an advocate for seniors and it had become a voice for seniors. The AARP gradually developed a progressive agenda and assumed a leadership position that supposedly represented seniors; in fact, AARP was not reflecting the views or needs of hundreds of thousands of AARP members, it was imposing progressive propaganda on its clients in order to shape seniors’ views on important issues such that their support and votes went to causes and candidates the AARP leadership had chosen in this political manipulation scheme of seniors designed to promote a liberal, progressive agenda and to elect Democrat  candidates to office. AARP became a de facto political machine and arm of the Democrat Party.

At a time when government, in an attempt to recover some of the vast sums of money spent on healthcare in the U.S., turned to the criminalization of medicine, physicians far and wide were investigated for Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Even such minor infractions as typo errors on billing sheets and other common, unintended mistakes were prosecuted as fraud. Another example of the type of cases where physicians were targeted in the government’s fraud scams is as follows: A physician sees a very sick patient, provides a high level of care to the patient, documents the elements of care that justify having provided the high level of care, codes the care provided appropriately, and bills for that same level of care that was delivered.

The government’s scheme was to claim that the level of care provided was actually one step lower than that which the doctor had billed. By definition, the physician in such a case has billed for a service that “wasn’t actually provided”; the physician, therefore, is guilty of fraud. The physician is then subjected to the government’s extortion scheme where the physician can, at times, pay huge fines and avoid going to prison. Alternatively, the physician with adequate resources can go to trial accepting the risk and expense of going to trial.

The prosecution team gets to keep any money extorted from physicians so they can pay themselves a bigger salary and hire more prosecutors to attack more physicians; thus, these government agents self-perpetuate, have built in job security and broaden their investigations to target and abuse more physicians with each passing year. Anyone who informs the government of a physician suspected of fraud stands to receive a huge sum of money for being the whistleblower.

When the government began the criminalization of medicine where any whistleblower stood to get rich, AARP capitalized on this by encouraging its members to investigate their doctor bills and to report any suspicions to the AARP. These reports were shared with government prosecutor teams and the doctors so targeted served as hapless dupes, guilty or not, to be ground up and expectorated by the government machine. AARP shares a good portion of the guilt for helping propagate this abusive government program.

The transition from senior advocacy to senior exploitation was complete when AARP (and the AMA) colluded with the Obama Administration to throw itself into full promotional and propagandizing mode, where AARP and the AMA were complicit with Obama in grossly deceiving the public as to what Obamacare really was, with no mention of the serious flaws in the bill that were well known to all insiders. This deception was “necessary” in order to get enough support to pass the bill; apparently, the Obama Administration, the Democrats in office, big Pharma, the AMA and the AARP were complicit in this criminal scheme to defraud the American people. If the American people had known the truth about Obamacare, the bill would never have passed.

In return for selling these whopper lies to AARP and AMA members, both the AARP and the AMA enjoyed tremendous financial advantages provided by the government in their mega-crony-capitalism scheme. The AMA has the exclusive rights of determining, publishing, disseminating and collecting the millions of dollars in sales of codebooks on diagnosis, medical procedure and levels of care coding to be used in physician and hospital (facility) billing; the AMA decided to revise and increase the number and complexity of these codes the codebooks each year, and since these are the only approved codebooks, all healthcare providers must purchase these materials from the AMA on an annual basis. The AMA, of course, can charge whatever it chooses as they are a government-directed monopoly.

The AARP has been receiving significant financial advantages, subsidies and preferentially greater numbers of prime referrals from the government; other healthcare insurance companies do not get these government perks and can’t effectively compete with AARP. This helped AARP offer the lowest prices on AARP-branded Obamacare and Medicare insurance products where AARP got huge, under-the-table fees and subsidies to which other companies have no access. The advantages provided AARP by the government have created a non-level playing field where AARP has an unfair and anti-competitive leg up on other companies.

In the deal between AARP, the AMA and Obama, seniors and physicians were thrown under the bus so these companies could reap huge ongoing profits. In addition, the half a billion dollars stolen from Medicare to shore up Obamacare, left Medicare underfunded; this Medicare shortfall led to a significant drop in services. Specifically, Medicare is scheduled to cancel its popular Medicare Advantage program, one of the few affordable health plans remaining that provides a plan similar to those offered by employers before the Obamacare law terminated them to eliminate anything that Obamacare might possibly be compared to or have to compete with.

AARP and the AMA peaked in terms of influence and membership just prior to the illegal passage of the Obamacare Bill. Both organizations have shown a steep decline in these two parameters after siding with Obama to promote passage of the healthcare legislation, knowing, along with the entire Obama Administration and Democrat Party that they were acting in direct contradiction to the will of the American people.

We have seen multiple instances where both the AARP and the AMA were faced with major choices: either to support the will of the people, or to seek after riches. Unfortunately, both chose to oppose the people in order to gain great wealth. As membership has declined because of these poor choices, these organizations that sought after wealth and power rapidly lost whatever influence they had previously enjoyed.

These are the reasons I have chosen to reject any further invitations for association or membership in these two organizations, the AARP and the AMA. Please refrain from sending me any further promotional or membership notices.