April, 2016



Recently, Senator Orrin Hatch spoke at a Republican event in Utah where he castigated all things conservative, like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and The Heritage Foundation as extremists who are “so far right they won’t get anything done”. Hatch sees himself as a more reasonable person, among the political elite, who can compromise whatever he must “to get things done.” Hatch likes to paint himself as a conservative; however, he is anything but a conservative.

A true Conservative is one who works to conserve the Constitution. Notably, all elected officials must take an oath to support and defend the Constitution before they are able to assume office. If they refuse to take the oath or to follow through on their commitment to the Constitution, they are unfit for any office. If we held all government officials to their oath, we would be working with barely a skeleton crew. I wonder if all this non-compliance with their oath is the fault of the rascals in government, or perhaps more our fault for letting them get away with it.

What Hatch and most of the elite don’t understand is that the Constitution is the Center of American politics. Anyone who declines to honor and uphold the Constitution, and is looking to grow the size of government at the expense of freedom is “far left” of Center and positioned nearer to totalitarianism. People to the right of the Constitution are aiming for greater freedom, even though it is accompanied by a greater risk of anarchy. Our heritage as Americans is to rally around the Center position prescribed by the Constitution, with maximum freedom protected by the minimum government required to represent a self-governing people.

Cruz is not “so far right he can’t get anything done”–he’s straight on Center. It’s the rest of the government that is positioned so far left that they want to get things done that are leading us to lesser freedom and totalitarianism. Cruz opposes getting anything done that moves us away from the Constitution and he has the courage to fight against those who “want to get this kind of thing done”. More power to him, and to the Constitution.